Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | May 24, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says trees are important to Commonwealth’s economy, ecology, and aesthetics.

Fun facts on trees in Kentucky:

Forest fires are a major threat to Kentucky’s forests. The average number of wildland fires in Kentucky each year is 1,447.  Arson is the number one cause of wildland fires in Kentucky. Ninety-nine percent of all wildfires in Kentucky are human caused.  The second leading cause of wildland fires is uncontrolled debris burning. 

The worst fire year in Kentucky in the last decade was 2001. Of the 178,925 acres that burned, 146,058 were attributed to arson.  Unlike firefighting in the western United States, hand crews put out most of the wildland fires in Kentucky.
Aircraft assistance is used only in extreme situations.

Kentucky has one of the most diverse hardwood species mix in the nation. It is second only to Florida.  There are 11.9 million acres of forestland in Kentucky.

Kentucky is 47 percent forested. Eighty-nine percent of Kentucky’s forestland is privately owned. Seventy-two percent of the forestland is composed of oak-hickory species.


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