Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | May 12, 2010

Attorney Sanders asks what is going on with Mountain Water District in Pike County and corporate funding of a sleazy stripper political campaign ad feud with Magistrate Chris Harris’ re-election?

Sleazy corporate ad features grinding stripper in feud over management of Mountain Water.

A true eastern Kentucky feud is apparently brewing over water in Pike County. Judging from the nastiness shown in a tv ad funded in part by a company running the utility, someone is clearly not happy with Pike County Magistrate Chris Harris and his open criticism of how Mountain Water is being run.

Well, if there is smoke there is usually fire, and there are clouds of nasty black smoke pouring out here and it is not from the clouds of cigarette smoke floating around in the strip club featured in the tv ad. It is a cheesy sleazy slash and burn ad designed to create nothing but negative views of Harris.

The concern in Pike County is tied to ads opposing Magistrate Chris Harris’s re-election campaign in Pike County.  Harris is the target of a corporate sponsored feud/smear ad and is the first formed in Kentucky since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled corporations can fund ads smearing political candidates.

The corporate ad prominently features a gyrating hind end of a wiggling jiggling stripper dancing in sheer tights at a strip club. Sex apparently sells in political ads.  

According to public records, Citizens for Eastern Kentucky Government has received $2,500 from The Law Office of Ray Jones & Bill Hickman and $15,000 from Utility Management Group, which operates Pike County’s Mountain Water District. The group is apparently targeting Chris Harris because he has been highly critical of how the inside folks are running the Mountain Water District. 

See the following link for the sleazy political ad: Unauthorized campaign group airs ad  The Mountain Water District serves the water and sewer utility needs for all of the unincorporated area of Pike County. Mountain Water District was created by the merger of Pond Creek Water District, Marrowbone Water District and Shelby Valley Water District on July 1, 1986.

Mountain Water District provides water service to more than seventeen thousand (17,000) homes and businesses in Pike County and sewer service to more than twenty-three hundred (2,300) homes and businesses. 

Mountain Water District was created by the merger of Pond Creek Water District, Marrowbone Water District and Shelby Valley Water District on July 1, 1986. The Mountain Water District serves all of the unincorporated area of Pike County.

The District is a quasi governmental agency that is administrated by a five (5) member board of commissioners. Commissioners are appointed by the Pike County Judge Executive with approval of the Pike County Fiscal Court. Commissioners serve for a term of four (4) years.

Someone call Crit Luallen, who is the official Super Auditor of Kentucky and Protector of the Public Interest in the Commonwealth, and find out what is going on here. Hello, Kentucky Division of Water and Public Service Commission is anyone watching the purses of small water districts in the state? 

Who is looking out for the good and honest ratepayers of the public drinking water utility? Simple question for the regulators, is it true that the Mountain Water District is plagued with poor management, money problems and is currently being audited by the Commonwealth of Kentucky?


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