Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | May 11, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says BP is patently forum shopping in hopes to land oil pollution cases in Southern District of Texas rather than in Florida, Alabama or Louisiana.

BP is seeking to have all lawsuits involving the Gulf oil spill moved to federal court in Houston, Texas. BP has filed motions to remove more than 70 lawsuits against BP related to the Gulf oil spill to federal district court sitting in Houston, Texas.

Sounds like BP wants some good old American “home cooking” in a “friendly legal forum” for the multitude of pollution suits filed against the multibillion dollar foreign oil company. 

Something stinks and it isn’t the bizillions of gallons of crude oil polluting the Gulf of Mexico and rotting on the beaches of the Gulf states. It is BP’s brazen shopping for a single friendly forum before a single judge to try 70+ (and counting) cases.  Hello MDL panel?

Let the good people hear these cases against BP in state and federal courts in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. They are the ones who bear the burden of living with BP’s oil pollution, not the folks in Houston.

Heavens above, Houston is NOT even close to the Gulf Coast of the United States of America.


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