Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | March 15, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says get off your seat and call President Obama if you don’t like mining wastes being dumped into the Nation’s waters.


Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country.  Do something positive: call the White House as a part of the National Protect Waters from Mining Waste Day of Action.  Call the White House: 202-456-1414 (9AM-5PM ET) to tell our President to end the loophole in the Clean Water Act that allows this despicable environmental practice.

Go ahead and dial up the Whitehouse on your cellphone.  When the White House receptionist answers the phone (President Obama ain’t going to answer it), please leave a message, expressing your strong desire for the President to end dumping of mine waste in our Nation’s precious waters.  Dumping mining  waste into our lakes, streams and rivers is really an outrageous abomination against God, law and is just plain contrary to fundamental Christian principles of right and wrong.

Here’s a sample of what you might say on your call to our President:

 “Hello Whitehouse Operator! My name is _____________________, and I am calling from _________________.

 “I’m calling to respectfully ask President Obama to end a truly horrid practice of mining companies dumping mining waste into our Nation’s waterways.  President Obama can do this because U.S. EPA is under his direct control as the leader of the Executive Branch of our federal government. If President Obama cannot remember US EPA Administrator’s name, her name is Lisa Jackson, and she is wonderful, but she seems to have a hard time fighting lobbyists on greenhouse gases at the moment. 

US EPA should immediately act to prohibit filling our nation’s waters with waste from mining operations using a 2002 loophole in the Clean Water Act.  I think this loophole is contrary to the intent and plain wording of the Clean Water Act and is an unChristian way to treat God’s creation. 

“I would have called my Congressman, but no one in Congress can agree on any single issue facing America.  I really don’t think anyone in Congress has a clue on any issue except to how to accept money and favors from lobbyists so that they can stay in office and get rich. 

Unfortunately, like the banking industry, the mining industry gives away tons of money to members of Congress every year.  So, Congress isn’t going to act to harm the hand that is feeding it money hand over fist, which is the pretty much the norm in our country for Congress — just look at the health care, banking, and financial messes in our great country. 

We have a honking loophole in the Clean Water Act that allows this practice to be legal.  I object to it because of lot of us living on Main Street get our drinking water from rivers, lakes, and streams impacted from mining waste pollution.  Me, I drink water from the Ohio River that has been impacted from mining waste dumped by Appalachia coal mining companies.  Thus, I am asking that President Obama direct the Administrator U.S. EPA to close the mine waste dumping loophole. Thank you and God Bless America and President Obama and his family.

P.S. I love that Obama Dog!”



  1. Lawrence Sanders, you are the man! I usually don’t like attorneys, (:-)), but you are taking a vital stand against coal mining. Hear hear! Inserted below, an excerpt from my recent letter to the Lexington Herald Leader:

    If I were employed by any state agency of Kentucky entrusted with protecting the environment in a state where all the mountains have flat tops and the rivers are all dead, well, I would quit my job, change my name, and move away. That, or I might consider taking my job seriously, return any unsolicited checks that might arrive in the mail, and actually begin thinking about protecting the rivers, the air, the soil, and maybe even the people. Now that’s an idea. At what point did Kentucky officials actually decide that jobs were worth killing people? How many years ago? And how many times was that decision made, over and over again, by people throughout the state? And from these decisions, how many have died from respiratory diseases? How many people have been physically and mentally injured by the menu of toxins injested and inhaled? And when, for God’s sake, does this killing and maiming stop? When? Coal is your personal death sentence. You decide.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Sanders.
    Dan Cobb

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