Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | March 1, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says Germany is employing two pronged approach to generate 3.0 GW of clean solar energy in 2009.

Germany accounted for roughly half of the world’s photovoltaic (“PV”)market for the year. The 2009 result boosts its total share of solar generation capacity from 37 percent to nearly 50 percent of installed global capacity. New installations in 2009 exceeded a whopping 3.0 GW of clean renewable energy.

New PV installations were overwhelmingly in the area of small rooftop systems. Through November, nine out of ten new 2009 installations were systems with a capacity of less than 30 kWp, the smallest category.

The key driver for Germany’s success in photovoltaics is the two-pronged approach: industry support and market adoption. Germany has attracted many of the largest names in the solar industry, from research and development institutes to suppliers and producers.

At the same time, the domestic market is supported by attractive measures such as the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) and the Environmental Protection Loan Program, which reduce risk through long-term measures, namely an attractive feed-in tariff and low interest loans.

Sounds like a winning strategy that should be employed in America.  Hello, President Obama, are you listening to what to what we need in Middle America to grow this economy?


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