Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 5, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says NKAPC is going to study Latonia neighborhood in an attempt to revitalize a hidden jewel in Northern Kentucky.

Latonia is about to be put under the microscope as planners, residents, and business owners seek to develop a plan to revitalize it. The Covington City Commission recently engaged NKAPC to pursue a small area study of the Latonia neighborhood. The resulting plan will likely be submitted for inclusion in the Kenton County Comprehensive Plan.

Long-range planning staff is in the initial stages of the study, working with a task force to gather information and analyze the community’s current assets and liabilities. Planners have developed an online survey to gain community opinions on issues of importance. The survey and additional study information is available at

Staff is pursuing the project with the guidance of a 20-member, city-appointed task force of interested parties that includes business owners and residents of the study area along with city officials.

The task force held its first meeting on January 28. Members plan to have the existing conditions report completed by March. They also expect by then to have the results of a market study analysis that was completed for the area.

The task force is currently focusing on issues related to transportation and traffic flow, housing conditions, and commercial redevelopment opportunities.

NKAPC staff expects the online survey will provide more insight on these topics. Current and former residents of Latonia as well as people who work or shop in and/or send their children to school in Latonia are encouraged to participate in the survey.

The group plans to hold its first open forum public in the spring.


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