Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | January 18, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says money flowing into Senator Murkowski’s campaign from utility groups raises questions over her proposed resolution opposing EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases under Clean Air Act.

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, announced in December her intention to file a disapproval resolution to stop the US EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. Murkowski’s resolution comes in the wake of the agency’s recent endangerment finding, which will result in damaging new regulations that endanger America’s economy.

 Her position opposing regulation of greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions in particular, comes as absolutely no surprise to many. Senator Murkowski received more campaign contributions from the utility industry than any other lawmaker during the 2009-2010 election cycle, according to data compiled by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

 Last year, Murkowski received $157,000 from electric utilities, and since 2005, she has received more than $244,000, according to the center’s data. As the Alaska senator presses forward with efforts to block the Obama administration from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, her contributions from the utility industry and other energy interests have critics questioning her motives.

Murkowski’s campaign insists the re-election money does not influence her legislative actions.  Many folks are not quite convinced of this point despite the good Senator’s claim of no improper motives for her position favoring fossil fuel utilities. 

What do you think?  Does money purchase legislation and face time with politicians in Washington?  Does anyone care?


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