Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | January 16, 2010

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders moves law office to larger space in Covington, Kentucky, to better serve our client base.

We have moved our law office to the Old Seminary Square District in Covington, Kentucky.  We have more space and are located in a convenient location near the U.S. District Courthouse and Kenton Circuit Courthouse in Covington.  We have access to Interstates 71 and 75.  It is a thrill to return my law office to Covington, where, “It’s happening.”

All of our other contact information remains the same.  So call us, if you need legal representation in a dispute involving complex litigation or an environmental issue.  We represent both large corporation and individual clients across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We have more than 20 years experience in practicing environmental law before federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.  It is a highly complex and specialized area of the law that demands a high degree of legal expertise and experience.  We offer our industrial clients a full and comprehensive understanding of current and developing environmental statutes and regulations. 

Our knowledge base is backed up with extensive hands-on experience in complex environmental litigation matters.  We represent clients in federal court, as well as state and federal administrative hearings. 

We work with a diverse group of clients and that experience allows us to spot the potential issues before they become a problem.  Indeed, one of our law firm’s greatest assets is the ability to identify potential environmental issues before they become legal problems. 

Prudent and appropriate environmental counseling and advice are fundamental part of our commitment to our clients.  Our in-depth experience in all major federal and state environmental regulatory programs allows us to cut to the chase, whether we are dealing with the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, or other major regulatory programs.

Our clients are not always able to avoid environmental liabilities in today’s complex regulatory environment.  Sometimes, a client will be a target of a federal or state environmental enforcement action.  At such times, it is comforting to know that when necessary we will vigorously and aggressively defend our clients and advocate their best interests in negotiations, administrative proceedings and litigation. 

On such occasions, our past experience in prosecuting cases for the government is a huge advantage to us and our clients.  In the enforcement arena, we are effective spokesmen for our clients, aggressively negotiating the lowest possible civil penalties, developing creative solutions to enforcement actions, including innovative and effective supplemental environmental projects (SEPs).  We are able to design common sense long-term practical solutions and cost-effective legal strategies to bring clients into compliance.  We want our clients to be in compliance with the law.  It just makes good sound financial sense for our clients.

We have substantial experience with the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, which form the regulatory framework for air emissions.  In this complex regulatory program, we have represented a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from a large utility with multiple coal-fired electric generating plants to large chemical manufacturing plants to smaller industrial manufacturing clients. 

We continually monitor and understand the almost constant changes to this complex regulatory program.  We can provide our clients with comprehensive Title V permitting services.  We also provide our clients with sound advice based on our experience and knowledge base so that they can plan and maintain compliance with applicable air emission regulations.  

We have substantial experience in state and federal permitting programs.  Whether a client must obtain a construction or operation permit for a RCRA Subtitle D landfill, RCRA Part A or B permit, air permit, NPDES permit, KPDES permit, or a storm-water runoff permit, we successfully obtain the necessary permits for our clients, on time and on budget.   We provide all legal assistance needed to ensure that our clients maintain compliance with their regulatory permits. 

We are always happy to provide training to our clients’ employees and managers on a wide variety of environmental, health and safety topics.  We will gladly come to your shop to provide such training.  We can also provide assistance in writing company policies, procedures, and safety handbooks.   

We also are able to monitor costs associated with environmental remediation, including engineering costs.  We work to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.  We want to be your attorneys for environmental matters and complex litigation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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