Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | December 8, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says TVA dumped record numbers of toxic substances in Emory River due to catastophic collapse of ash pond.

TRI reports filed with US EPA by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) show that the TVA’s Kingston coal-fired utility plant dumped an estimated 140,000 pounds of arsenic into the Emory River in 2008.  The arsenic was present in the coal ash dumped into the adjacent river when the impoundment collapsed.

Holy Toledo!  That whopping amount of arsenic is more than twice the reported amount of the toxic  releases into U.S. waterways from all U.S. power plants in 2007.  It is simply shameful for a federal agency to dump this amount of toxic  material into a waterway of the United States of America!!!

But that is not all folks! TVA also dumped nearly 320 tons of vanadium in the Emory River, or more than seven times the total discharge of this toxic pollutant from all power plants in 2007.

Indeed! TVA’s Kingston facility dumped more chromium, lead, manganese, and nickel into the Emory River last year than the entire U.S. power industry in 2007.  These numbers are simply unacceptable for a large federal agency.


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