Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | December 8, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says Kentucky has the highest death rate from smoking in the United States.

Kentucky is No.1 in US for lung cancer deaths from Cigarettes!!!

More than 25 percent of Kentucky youths smoke cigarettes.  To no surprise, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in the January 23, 2009 issue of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that Kentucky has the highest death rate from smoking in the nation.


  1. I’m Looking For An Attorney To Take My Case, I Had To Have The Lower Left Lobe of My Lung Removed, Due To Cancer From Cigarette Smoking, Please Help. Marty Looney.

  2. The Surgeon Who Removed My Lung, Said I Only Have 5 Yrs Left To Live, I’m Currently Taking Chemo, In Huntington WV, @ Edwards Cancer Center. Please Notify Me If You Are Intersted In The Case, or Perhapse You Know Someone Who Will. Marty Looney.

    • We are very sorry but we do not accept a plaintiff’s case involving personal injury from cigarette smoking. Please immediately consult with another attorney for a legal opinion on the causation and liability issues present in this potential case. I strongly suggest that you immediately contact the local lawyers referral service or the West Virginia or Kentucky Bar Association to find another attorney to review this matter, if you wish to further pursue a potential personal injury claim.

      Do not delay if you want to pursue a personal injury claim. Under Kentucky law, you only have one year from the date that the injury occurred or the date when you discovered that cigarettes caused your bodily injury. That likely means one year from the date your surgeon told you that cigarette smoking caused your lung injury. Time is of the essence in this matter. Do not delay. Call your local Bar Association or Lawyer Referral Services as soon as possible.

      We are sorry, but we do not accept these types of toxic tort cases. Again, we cannot represent you in this matter.

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