Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | November 6, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says GAO issues report critical of US EPA’s efforts to control dangers from coal ash ponds.

U.S. EPA is working on new safeguards for disposing and storage coal combustion wastes.  The majority of these waste are either dumped in a landfill or dumped in large ponds.  Enormous amounts of these wastes are generated each and every day by coal-fired electric generating plants.

The Government Accountability Office issued a report last week that indicates EPA is dropping the ball of the issue.  Kentucky has multiple fly ash ponds, including several in Northern Kentucky.  No word in Frankfort about the state environmental agency’s plans for controlling potential harm from these huge waste units.

GAO’s report is a good read for anyone interested in controls for fly ash ponds, bottom ash ponds, and landfills handling coal combustion wastes in Kentucky.

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