Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | November 6, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says Baltimore non-profit hit with $2.5 jury verdict in lead paint case.

A city jury awarded the two siblings more than $2.5 million, who were poisoned by lead-based paint while living in a West Baltimore row house that their mother had been told was “lead safe.”  Baltimore jurors decided in favor of 20-year-old Dontae Wallace and 17-year-old Searra Wallace.

Attorneys say their cognitive and behavioral disabilities are due in part to lead paint in a house rented from City Homes, Inc., a nonprofit organization. The children’s mother said she moved to the home because of lead paint in another home and was told by the nonprofit group that the home was safe from lead.

Although some steps had been taken to contain lead paint in the Booth Street property, the home posed numerous hazards to small children, according to the testimony of experts who reviewed records about the home. Paint was chipped and flaking on several surfaces, one wall became wet in storms, and holes indicated that rats were gnawing at walls and tracking lead dust, according to expert testimony.


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