Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | October 7, 2009

Kentucky atttorney Sanders says ICG Hazard wins DNR award for environmental restoration of 1,851 acre site in Perry County, Kentucky.

Carl E. Campbell, commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources, presented a 2009 Commissioner’s Award of Excellence in Reclamation to ICG Hazard, LLC for outstanding reclamation work on their surface facility (permit No. 897-0455) located in Perry County near the community of Vicco, Kentucky. 

The site is a 1,850.73 acre surface, re-mining and steep slope mine operation that began in 2005.   Using a variety of reclamation and land management techniques, ICG has achieved post mining land use of pastureland, residential, forestland, commercial, and fish and wildlife habitat.  The post-mining land use was agreed to by the coal company and the landowners prior to mining. 

The Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement inspector Ron Frye and Kristie Slone from the London Regional Office nominated this site because of the company’s exceptional work and their commitment to the environment.  The reclamation of this site will provide the landowners with long term benefits, especially in those areas previously mined prior to enactment of the Surface Mining Reclamation and Control Act (SMRCA) of 1977.


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