Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | October 7, 2009

Kentucky attorney Sanders says bass fish are being physically altered by water pollutants according to USGS study.

Male smallmouth and largemouth bass with female characteristics have been discovered in surprisingly high numbers in eight of nine river basins throughout the United States. In some rivers, more than 70 percent of male bass were “feminized.” Scientists suspect the cause of this condition, which leads to immature female eggs in male fish and poorer reproduction, may be linked to substances that have hormonal effects.

Endocrine-active compounds like pharmaceuticals, pesticides and household items are possible causes, though some intersex fish were found at sites with no obvious sources of this type of contamination. Because this study didn’t examine the causes for this condition, more information is needed about the genetic and environmental factors that might be responsible, as well as the number and kinds of fish affected. Check out the USGS Newsroom for more information.

We are slowly poisoning our world, and no one seems to care.


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