Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | August 19, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says Rheem offers new high efficiency electric hot water heater for residential use.

We are going to concentrate on energy conservation in the coming months for this blog.  One of the biggest energy hogs in a home is the hot water heater.  Everyone who has a teenager is well aware of the electric bills related to heating water for showers.  Thus, we are happy to announce that the new integrated air-source HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater from Rheem Water Heating offers an industry-leading Energy Factor (EF) of 2.0, or more than twice the energy efficiency of a standard electric storage water heater.

 The energy-saving design will help a family using an electric hot water heater to reduce its carbon footprint by nearly two tons annually. In addition, the new water heater qualifies for a federal tax credit as well as many state and utility rebates and incentives.

 Intended for residential applications, both new construction and drop-in replacement of existing water heaters, the unit has a storage capacity of 50 gallons and meets the qualifications for an ENERGY STAR listing. Measuring only 21 inches in diameter and 75.5 inches tall, the new HP-50 offers a slimmer, more portable profile that makes installation in spaces with restricted access — including attics and basement mechanical rooms — much easier.    

In addition to the 2.0 EF, the new eco-friendly Heat Pump Water Heater meets three other ENERGY STAR criteria: 1) a first-hour rating greater than 50 gallons per hour; 2) a six-year warranty on the storage tank, all components and parts; and 3) compliance with Underwriters Laboratories standard UL1995.

 Instead of heating stored water directly with a conventional electric element — or with a burner, as in the case of a gas unit — a heat pump water heater transfers available heat from the ambient air, intensifies the heat and transfers the heat into the water — a far more cost- and energy-efficient process.  Air-source heat pump water heaters perform best in climates with average, year-round temperatures above 40 degrees F.

 The new Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater offers three separate modes of operation that permit the unit to be installed in areas not in frequent use in a home.

  •  Mode 1 — Energy Saver: The most energy efficient setting is the “heat pump only” mode, which works by extracting warmth from the surrounding air, concentrating the heat and delivering it to the water. This mode provides an industry-leading 2.0 EF and the equivalent first-hour delivery performance of a standard 50-gallon electric water heater.
  • Mode 2 — Normal: When the peak hot water demands are very high, using the combination “heat pump/electric elements” mode is the best choice. In the dual mode, it still can achieve a remarkable 1.5 EF and a first-hour delivery performance that exceeds a standard 65-gallon electric water heater.
  • Mode 3 — Electric Heat Only: A temporary “electric heat only” setting is available to ensure hot water availability without operating the heat pump. The HP-50 will revert back to its previous setting (Energy Saver or Normal) after two weeks, if not reset by the user.

The Rheem HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater is scheduled to ship in September 2009.  For more information, please visit


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