Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | July 14, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney says Central Bank & Trust won’t remove charges made at strip joint and escort service on two KACo credit cards.

KACo  loses battle to stiff bank for credit card bills at strip club and escort service.The Kentucky Association of Counties will not get a refund for $890 in payments to two strip clubs and a Lexington escort service that were billed on two KACo credit cards.  Apparently unable to read the signatures on the bills, Central Bank & Trust Co., KACo’s credit-card issuer, said it did not determine who made the charges in January and February 2008 on the account of its then-president, Spencer County Judge-Executive David Jenkins.

President Jenkins’ credit card was used to charge $445 at two Louisville strip clubs and $175 to Calypso Enterprises, which is the billing name for a Lexington escort service, Campus Cuties.

Another charge of $270 made to Calypso Enterprises on May 16, 2007, showed up on the credit card statement of KACo Executive Director Bob Arnold. 

Remember boys, “stupidity is not a good legal defense.”  However, “being too damn drunk to know what you are doing” might be a valid legal defense, as Melbourne Mills Jr. recently demonstrated in federal court in Covington. 

I don’t know, but charging bills in a strip club and escort service on a KACo credit card is pretty damn stupid if you ask me. I vote for “hang’em high.”  When we are done with these two rascals, get some beer for myhorse and a lapdance, too.

Seriously, how do you explain such behaviour except as willful and wanton?  These boys need some serious time to think about their actions. Like 5 years in the pokey!


  1. How about restitution and quit wasting money investigating this.. Will probably spend more on that then it’s worth. It’s just sex.

    • It may be “just sex” to you, but the taxpayers should not be footing the bill for these outings. Any public offical using a credit card from a public government agency for lap dances in a strip club should be fired and forced to pay restitution. Simple as that. Stupidity is not a defense.

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