Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | July 14, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says Christian County lands huge aquacultural project designed to raise 55 million pounds of fish each year!

Perfect Ocean Corporation is purchasing 100-acre tract in western Kentucky to raise fish.  Plans call for housing more than 1,000 large integrated fish tanks, plus an International Visitors Center.  Perfect Ocean specializes in building and managing state-of-the-art above ground, indoor re-circulating aquaculture facilities.

The company uses vertically integrated solutions are capable of growing industrial-scale quantities of more than 20 of the world’s most popular fish species.  When completed next year, this campus will constitute the largest indoor fish-cultivation facility in the world.

Its 55 million-pound output will be premium-priced Enviropure™ species — all of which will be sold prior to harvesting to major users like hotels and restaurant chains, fast-food chains, cruise lines, grocery chains, re-packagers and other institutional buyers.

Perfect Oceans obtained a $5 million Kentucky Rural Economic Development Authority (KREDA) grant from Kentucky.  The grant provides for a 15-year abatement of state income taxes as well as rebates to us amounting to 66% of the employee wage taxes.  

Perfect Oceans is also preparing to file a Memorandum of Agreement and Inducement Letter with Christian County authorities to obtain $70 million in industrial development revenue bond financing. The plant expects to have 1,000 new jobs when fully staffed.


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