Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | June 18, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders urges U.S. EPA to adopt regulations on greenhouse gases.

Subject: Adopt the endangerment finding and issue strong pollution standards


Dear Administrator Jackson and EPA staff,

I applaud the EPA’s proposed finding that global warming pollution endangers human health and the environment, and urge you to adopt this finding as a final determination. Climate change is causing devastating damage — from heat waves to hurricanes — throughout the United States and around the world.

Although President Obama announced that the EPA will set Clean Air Act standards to cut vehicle emissions and raise fuel economy, powerful negative forces are trying to block EPA and the rest of the administration from adopting these measures. I urge you to reject this pressure to derail the administration’s commitment to solving global warming.

 We, as a nation, need strong standards to clean up global warming pollution from the next generation of cars, trucks and other vehicles. In addition, we need fast action to curb global warming emissions from power plants, which are responsible for even more of this pollution as vehicles.

Cleaner cars and cleaner power plants will help America meet its greatest challenges and be an economic engine for the 21st century. I urge you to continue your efforts to make our planet safer for future generations and protect us from global warming.



  1. What about all those cow farts that I have been seeing on the evening news? Are we going to regulate methane from bovine windbags spewing methane gas in an uncontrolled and rude manner???

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