Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | May 13, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders says NOAA finds carbon dioxide level at 389.47 PPM in April, well above generally accepted safe level of 350 PPM.

Atmospheric CO2 reached 389.47 parts per million (ppm) in the month of April 2009, according to scientific data released earlier today by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States.  At the same monitoring location, the Mauna Loa Observatory, atmospheric CO2 was 387.18 ppm in April 2008.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the chief greenhouse gas that results from human activities and causes global warming and climate change. According to many leading scientists, the upper safety limit for atmospheric CO2 is 350 parts per million (ppm).  

According to scientists, the rising level of CO2 in our atmosphere is significantly higher than the natural range (~180 ppm to 300 ppm) that existed for at least 800,000 years before the start of the industrial revolution. 

During the industrial revolution, the industrial nations started burning increasing amounts of fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases, including CO2.



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