Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | April 28, 2009

Kentucky environmental attorney Sanders salutes the American Chemistry Counsel’s Full Circle Recycling Initiative to increase recycled content of plastic bags.

Jeffrey M. Sanders

Jeffrey M. Sanders

The American Chemistry Counsel announced the Full Circle Recycling Initiative to set a goal of 40 percent recycled content in all plastic bags by 2015, including at least 25 percent postconsumer recycled plastic.  Industry is expected to invest nearly $50 million in their plants to overhaul current manufacturing processes to support this recycling initiative. 



It is a highly grand project that will require 470 million pounds of recycled plastic for the manufacture of new plastic bags.  This recycling effort will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 463 million pounds, conserve enough energy (natural gas) to heat 200,000 homes, and reduce waste by 300 million pounds every year. 


In 2007, 830 million pounds of plastic bags and wraps were recycled.  That is 27% more pounds recycled than in 2005. To meet its ambitious goal, the Full Circle Recycling Initiative requires even more used plastic bags be collected and recycled in the future.  Thus, the plastic manufacturers will continue to work with major grocery and retail chains to increase in-store recycling programs to allow shoppers to bring back their used plastic bags and wraps. 


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