Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | March 5, 2009

Environmental attorney Sanders says vote on the name of the Banks development project in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The City of Cincinnati's Fountain SquareAnyone who has looked over the Ohio River and stared at the large empty space in downtown Cincinnati where Riverfront Stadium formerly sat is mystified at the lack of tangible progress on the Banks project.  The empty space next to the Ohio River is seen by many as a perfect symbol of the manic and oftentimes inept city leadership in Cincinnati.  God love them, but Cincinnati’s city council and Mike Brown share far more in common that the location of their offices on the west side of downtown.


Lack of progress on the project is apparently causing negative feelings about the multimillion dollar plan, which should be the absolute shining crown jewel of the Queen City.  To deflect the criticism, Master Development Team of Carter and the Dawson Company recently announced they want to rename the city’s most important development project.


You can vote at Voters will be able to choose their favorite name from the following list and view real-time results.


  1. Riverfront District
  2. Park District
  3. Parkside
  4. The Banks
  5. Failed Banks
  6. Nationalized Banks
  7. 5/3 Banks
  8. Kentucky Banks
  9. River Banks
  10. Ernie Banks

The Carter-Dawson Web site will activate the survey on March 4th at 12:01 a.m. Votes will be collected for two weeks with voting ending on March 17th at 11:59 p.m.



  1. I like Ernie Banks, but he is from Chicago!

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