Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | March 3, 2009

Environmental lawyer Sanders says Reality Coalition launches another funny ad aimed at clean coal myth.

The Reality Coalition‘s newest clean coal ad hits the point that coal is not a clean fuel while at the same time presenting the message in a funny format.  Unfortunately, the HUGE multi-million dollar media blitz by the coal industry during the last election cycle totally misled many Americans into thinking that air emissions from coal-fired electric plants are not harmful to human health and the environment. 

In reality, air emissions from coal-fired power plants are DIRTY and water discharges from plants into our rivers are HOT.  Just as bad, the storage of fly and bottom ash wastes in ponds are huge potential problems for our environment, as recently seen at TVA’s plant located in Kingston, Tennessee.  Coal is cheap and plentiful, but the problems with using this fuel for the majority of our electric power needs are many. 
Clean coal burning plants are a pipe dream in some New York City’s ad agency’s video fantasy.  All they need to do is add a smiling Bob face to pimp the fantasty.  We do not have the technology, or money, or will-power to fully invest in advanced technology needed to fully scrub the wide spectrum of pollutants from our power plants, and such technology is not on the near horizon. 

It will be interesting to view America’s reaction to U.S. EPA’s increased regulation of greenhouse gases, mercury and fine particulate matter from power plants.  Mercury controlls will be, I believe, a much more difficult pollutant to control than greenhouse gases. 

It is also well past time for someone to speak up in Frankfort and start planning for a day when we cannot depend on a majority of our jobs, outside of the major cities in Kentucky, on coal and other natural resource intensive (depleting) industries. 

The time is now to wisely and regulally invest a percentage of taxes from coal extraction on education and job training for high tech jobs for those Kentuckians located in eastern and western Kentucky that are now tied to work in a natural resource job, such as mining and timber.  There will be a day in the not too distant future when natural-resource-dependent jobs may be lost and we need to be planning a new path for a brighter more educated Kentucky.

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