Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 25, 2009

Environmental lawyer Sanders says Kentucky House Bill 119 is risky business for coal mining in Kentucky and should be defeated.

Keep Kentucky Coal Miners Safe; Defeat HB 119.

Keep Kentucky Coal Miners Safe; Defeat HB 119.

Kentucky Environmental Lawyer Sanders opposes Kentucky House Bill 119.  HB 119 would reduce the number of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs, also known as mine emergency technicians or METs) required at mines with less than 18 miners on a shift.  Currently, state law requires that two EMTs be available when miners are working.  House Bill 119 can be found at:


Let’s be realistic: there are no “mom and pop” coal mines operating in Kentucky.  Such tag lines are popular for the news media, but such catchy word phrases belie the truth about coal mining in eastern Kentucky.  It is big business and it requires large sums of money to open and operate a coal mine. 

Simpy put, if you can afford to own and operate a coal mining operation, you can afford to pay for EMTs to keep the miners safe. HB 119 supports a risky business practice in Kentucky and should be defeated. 


The Lexington Herald Leader had a good editorial on HB 119 that I encourage you to read. 


House Bill 119 could double the risk to miners when there is an emergency in a small mine. This would provide a financial savings to operators amounting to a few seconds of coal production.

Lexington Herald-Leader


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