Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 23, 2009

Environmental lawyer Sanders says Kentucky Division of Water entering gates of 21st Century by posting certain public notices on agency’s website.

Public notices of Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) agency actions are now available for review on the DOW Web site at This tool is designed to facilitate public participation and provide easier access to documents.

Kentucky Division of Water is required to provide public notice of certain agency actions such as individual NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) draft discharge permits, general permit letters of coverage, total maximum daily load calculations, water quality certifications and other actions.

The proposed agency actions have historically been advertised through a notice published in local newspapers. The notices advise readers how to reach DOW to obtain copies of the application, fact sheets, draft permits and other related documents.



  1. I want to introduce myself here. My name is Kate, I’m a newbie here, someone told me that i might find some really good information here so… basically that’s why I’m here, and for your excellent environmental law articles. I also hope to have good time reading all of the news events occurring around Kentucky and the nation related to the environment.

  2. We have filed complaints with Ky div. of water, reguarding major gravel removal from creek. We have photo’s of trucks and loaders in and out of creek bed. Can’t seem to find anyone to help put a stop to this and further destruction to creek bed. Can you advise us as where to turn to???Frustrated, Jan and Bob Ploch

    • Section 404 of the Clean Water Act is enforced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. EPA, not Kentucky Division of Water. Call the USACE’s Louisville office for more information. They may have a permit to do this type of activity in the stream bed.

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