Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 23, 2009

Environmental lawyer Sanders says GAO report says FDA is a high risk federal agency that is not up to the many tasks assigned to it.

The Government Accountability Office issued a report that warns that the FDA is a “high-risk” agency in the federal government. According to the GAO, the FDA is at high risk due to globalization, complex products and laws.   As a result, FDA may be ill suited to ensure the safety of pharmaceuticals, biologic drugs, and medical devices. That means members of the American public may be at a substantial risk of harm from unsafe and ineffective medical products, including unsafe drugs and medical devices.  

I encourage each of you to read through the GAO’s report on the FDA.  This is a scary situation for members of the general public, who believe the FDA is doing its job.  It gives everyone a pause for thought whenever you are seeking medical care or receiving prescription drugs from your doctor.  And you thought the FDA was only failing at inspecting our food supply.


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