Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 19, 2009

Environmental lawyer Sanders says University of Louisville has new supercomputer to conduct complex research at its Belknap campus.

IBM is installing a new supercomputer to the University of Louisville’s Belknap campus.  The university will use the supercomputer to help solve highly complex research problems in areas such as cancer research, materials science, atmospheric modeling, visualization and bioinformatics. 

U of L’s supercomputer, nicknamed the Cardinal Research Cluster (CRC) and costing $2.1 million, has a peak speed of more than 25 teraflops (trillion calculations per second). The supercomputing’s processor speed is blinding, roughly 1,100 times faster than today’s average desktop computer. 

When fully operational, the system is expected to rank among the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world. U of L’s Information Technology team and IBM technicians “powered up” the system in late January and expect it to be in full operation by late March.


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