Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 17, 2009

Environmental lawyer Sanders says Montgomery Inn to offer “All You Can Eat” ribs and Saratoga chips February 22 -26, 2009.

For anyone who has lived in Greater Cincinnati over the past 50+ years, there is only one place for ribs — Mongomery Inn.  Ok, some diehards, such as Sait Tarhan, might perfer Walt’s Hitching Post on 3-L Highway, but for me, Mongomery Inn is the best for ribs.  You can skip the Saratoga chips. 

It is an expensive treat for the family.  That is why I was quite surprised when I received an email announcing that Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse will offer customers to “All You Can Eat” ribs and Saratoga chips Feb. 22-26 at all three Cincinnati locations.

Founded by Ted Gregory in The Village of Montgomery in 1951, The Montgomery Inn and its “World-Famous Ribs” have become a prized jewel dining and entertainment establishment for Cincinnati for more than a half century. Heralded by notable Cincinnatians, movie stars, and U.S. presidents, The Montgomery Inn treats customers to premier dining experiences in three Greater Cincinnati locations, its newest location in Dublin (Columbus), Ohio, in grocery stores throughout the Tristate and online at

To show its appreciation to the people of Greater Cincinnati for making Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse a prized Cincinnati staple for 20 years, Montgomery Inn is treating customers to “All You Can Eat” Ribs and Saratoga chips February 22 – 26 at all three of its Greater Cincinnati locations.

Greater Cincinnati customers can eat Montgomery Inn’s World-Famous Ribs and Saratoga chips to their hearts’ content at the restaurant’s locations in Old Montgomery (just north of Cincinnati), in Fort Mitchell, and on the Ohio River at the Boathouse restaurant. The cost per customer is $19.89, in recognition of the Boathouse’s first year in business—1989.

Montgomery Inn’s anniversary celebration will also include reduced drink prices and drink specials.


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