Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | February 9, 2009

Environmental attorney Sanders says it is time to stop the hypocrisy of showing alcohol ads at college sporting events in America.

 Did you know that alcoholis the number one drug of choice among young people.  Many young Americans begin experimenting with alcohol in high school.  For example, according to the 2004 Maryland Adolescent Survey of 12th graders, 69.7% have tried some form of alcohol, 44.1% drank during the past 30 days, and 29.0% had 5 or more drinks on the same occasion (binge drinking) within the last 30 days.  And in 2005, problems related to underage drinking cost the citizens of Maryland $1.2 billion.  It is time to stop alcohol ads on sporting events involving college students, many of who are younger than the legal drinking age of the sport participants. 


Underage drinking and excessive alcohol consumption also threaten college student health and safety, with the costs of student drinking plaguing college campuses nationwide.  Underage drinking, excessive consumption, and alcohol problems often convene prominently in college sports.  Recent evidence has more closely linked teens’ exposure to alcohol advertising with more frequent and heavier drinking.  Beer ads aired during college sporting events contradict the missions of higher education and college sports and undermine campus prevention efforts.   


Although eliminating alcohol ads on college sports telecasts will not, by itself, solve underage drinking problems, you can do your part to deliver a consistent message to young people about the seriousness of alcohol abuse and help reduce the pressure on teenagers to drink.  More information and a copy of the College Commitment can be viewed on the web at:


Next on the agenda, ending prescription drug ads on sporting events and evening news!  Network TV shows, especially the national news at 6:30 EST have become the major drug pushers in America and it is time to fight back!! STOP the  corporate drug pushers in America by writing to the major news networks and end the drug selling propaganda machines.



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