Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | November 6, 2008

Lawyer Sanders says U.S. EPA’s advice to unplug instant-on electrical devices when they are not in use to save electricity is wholly unworkable answer for 99.99% of American households.

For Halloween, EPA sent out an email on its listserve that instant-on electronic devices in American homes continuously use electrical energy and unnecessarily waste energy. According to EPA, such electronic devices cost Americans almost $10 billion a year, and account for almost 11 percent of all U.S. energy use!


EPA wrote, “Energy vampires are the electronics, adapters, and appliances with fangs in your outlet, sucking power even when apparently not in use or “off.” For example, a TV always uses a little power so it can always receive the “on” signal from the remote control. Adapters, too, use power even when not plugged into their device.”  The EPA’s solution to this huge waste of energy in American is to ask Americans to unplug instant-on devices when they are not in use. 


I do not know about you, but EPA’s advice is incredibly juvenile and must have come from an agency pinhead.  Such advice will fall on deaf ears in the vast (i.e., 99.99%) majority of American households.  I cannot image anyone in America continually plugging and unplugging a TV, stereo, microwave oven, any other similar device throughout the day.  EPA’s advice is simply an unworkable and unreasonable solution to this massive waste of energy. 

I am not in favor of wasting a single micro-watt of energy, but come on massive federal regulatory agency . . . do some basic regulating on the front end with electric appliance manufacturers, not on the back end with consumers.   January 20, 2009 cannot come soon enough for me to bounce EPA’s current crop of political appointees onto the curb.  If I were older, I might say that EPA under the Bush Administration is FUBAR.


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