Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | November 5, 2008

Lawyer Sanders says drought conditions in Eastern Kentucky causing water shortages for Magoffin County residents.

Magoffin County residents are facing a water supply emergency as their water supply continues to diminish. Imminent loss of the primary water source, the Licking River at Salyersville, will substantially decrease the ability of Salyersville Municipal Water to supply its customers. 


The Kentucky Division of Water placed Magoffin County under a water shortage warning Sept. 26.  City and county officials have declared a state of emergency for the affected area.   The Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM) has been monitoring the Magoffin County water situation during the past several weeks, working very closely with local officials and state agencies seeking a solution to the problem.   


The current source of most of Salyersville Municipal Water’s supply is two back-up wells. It is anticipated that the back-up wells cannot sustain current demands. The state agencies are encouraging Salyersville Municipal Water and Magoffin County Water District to interconnect with water supplies in nearby counties as an interim measure.drought-map-of-kentucky


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