Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | September 11, 2008

Lawyer Sanders says City of San Antonio to collect and sell methane gas from human waste in large scale recycling project.

San Antonio, Texas will soon collect methane gas from its residents’ poo and turn it into clean-burning fuel.  San Antonio residents produce about 140,000 tons a year of a human waste known as “biosolids,” and the city plans on recycling 90% of its residents’ biosolids.  A byproduct of human waste is methane gas, which will be collected and sold for use as a fuel in furnaces, electric power plants and other devices using natural gas.

Massachusetts-based Ameresco, Inc., will build the plants needed to convert the city’s biosolids into natural gas.  Ameresco believes it will generate about 1.5 million cubic feet of methane gas per day.  The city also plans to use liquids in the waste material for irrigation and turn the remaining solid portion of the material into compost.   Let’s hope that this project is a rousing success story for recycling!

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