Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | September 10, 2008

Lawyer Sanders says new study estimates 700 North American freshwater fish are imperiled and may disappear forever.

The American Fisheries Society’s Endangered Species Committee estimates that about 700 North American freshwater fishes are imperiled-regarded as vulnerable, threatened, endangered, or extinct. The new tally is nearly double that of the 1989 American Fisheries Society (“AFS”) estimate of 364 taxa. A taxon (plural taxa), or taxonomic unit, is a name designating an organism or a group of organisms.

AFS’ study of freshwater fish was conducted by 3 U.S. Geological Survey scientists and 13 other colleagues.  According to the study, the greatest cause of imperilment indirectly results from increases in the human population of North America.  Because the current estimate is the third AFS list of imperiled North American fishes, the study identified trends in the data.  The Tennessee, Mobile, and Lerma-Chapala Rivers have the greatest number of imperiled fishes.  

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