Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | July 10, 2008

U.S. EPA fines Sunoco $200,000 for alleged violations of Clean Air Act.

U.S. EPA and Sunoco, Inc. agreed to a $200,000 settlement for past clean air violations at Sunoco’s chemical manufacturing facility in Philadelphia. This facility is located at Margaret and Bermuda streets in Philadelphia.  U.S. EPA alleged that its inspections in 2003 and subsequent document reviews identified multiple violations of Sunoco’s Clean Air Act permit and national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants, including regulations of benzene waste and hazardous organic compounds.

U.S. EPA alleged that Sunoco’s violations included failing to 1) meet emission limits, 2) calculate and report emissions correctly, 3) operate certain units in accordance with its permit, 4) implement new requirements for specific vents, 5) keep proper records and 6) timely recalculate and report the facility’s total annual benzene quantity. 

In addition to the fine, Sunoco agreed to conduct performance tests on specified pieces of equipment to ensure compliance with Clean Air Act regulations.  As part of U.S. EPA’s settlement, Sunoco neither admitted nor denied liability for the alleged environmental violations.


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