Posted by: Lawyer Sanders | July 3, 2008

Fun facts about lakes in the U.S.

According to the folks at North American Lake Management,   

·         The US has 41 million acres of lakes and reservoirs. Excluding Alaska, the U.S. has approximately 100,000 lakes larger than 100 acres.  Alaska has several million lakes in excess of 100 acres.

  • Beaches, rivers and lakes are the number one vacation choice for Americans, helping to support a flourishing recreation and tourism industry. Each year, Americans take over 1.8 billion trips to go fishing, swimming, boating, or to just relax around favorite water destinations.
  • Annual sales for just three activities–fishing, boating, and viewing and hunting ducks and other birds–is estimated at nearly $45 billion.
  • According to US EPA’s National Water Quality Inventory, 1996 Report to Congress, 39% of surveyed U.S. lakes are impaired by pollution.  Nutrients, metals and siltation are the most common pollutants.  Agricultural runoff, sewage treatment plants, and urban runoff are the leading sources of pollution.

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